Annual Water Data Reports

Water resources data were published annually for many decades for use by engineers, scientists, managers, educators, and the general public. These static archival products supplemented direct access to current and historical water data provided by the National Water Information System (NWIS). Beginning with Water Year 2006 and ending with Water Year 2013, annual water data reports are available as individual electronic Site Data Sheets for the entire Nation for retrieval, download, and localized printing on demand. From 1962 until 2005, reports were published by State as paper documents, although most reports since the mid-1990s are also available in electronic form through this web page. Reports prior to Water Year 1961 were published in occasional USGS Water-Supply Papers and other reports.

NOTE: The Annual Water Data Reports web site is being archived and transferred to a new, automated delivery mechanism.  Previous search capabilities for obtaining Water Year 2006 through 2013 documents from this site have not yet been restored.

Interim guidance on obtaining PDF documents from this website while previous search features are being restored:

  1. Obtain USGS Site Number (if necessary) using an intuitive mapping interface or search interface
  2. Determine Water Year of interest between 2006 and 2013
  3. Construct a web page address using the following structure:  (where "####" is the Water Year of interest and "site" is the USGS Site Number)
      for example: will obtain the Water Year 2013 document for USGS Site Number 07300000
  4. Type the web page address into a web browser and retrieve the PDF document


Documentation — Introductory material: Details and explanations regarding site numbering, data reported, and accuracy of data

Related information and publications — Related links to USGS data, methods (TWRIs), special programs and networks, and past annual data reports

For immediate contact while this web site is being transfered:  ADRP Team